The mission of The Beacon Council is to increase jobs and investment in Miami-Dade. We do that by:

  • Marketing Miami-Dade as a world class business location
  • Growing local companies
  • Shaping Miami-Dade’s economic future

Business is good, and your investment in The Beacon Council will help keep it that way. Plus, like any wise investment, the returns are tangible. They can be a boost to your bottom line, and Miami-Dade’s growing stature as a global economic headquarters.

The many benefits of membership include:

  • Access To Prominent Business And Community Leaders: Our Investors include top employers and a who’s who of Miami-Dade County’s leading executives. We also work closely with all of the county’s elected officials. This means you will have extensive opportunities to interact with the individuals shaping the future of Miami-Dade County.
  • Participation In Industry & Market Committees: Due to the unique dynamics that define our growing diverse industries, we have created targeted industry committees to address the needs of our Investors in these fields. By participating on a committee, you will have the ability to help shape the economic development strategies that most closely relate to your business and Miami-Dade County’s economic future.
  • Invitations To Meetings, Seminars, Special Events & Business Development Missions: Each year, we host a variety of exclusive events intended to provide our Investors valuable opportunities to learn more about business in Miami-Dade County. Through these unique gatherings (COMMA) you can network with hundreds of professionals spanning a multitude of major industries.
  • Access To Research: Our award-winning Research Department is continually compiling and analyzing information about the economic climate and business trends in our region. As an Investor, you will have access to general Miami-Dade County demographic data, economic demographic data and a variety of business reports and analysis.
  • Unique Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities: Our extensive branding and sponsorship opportunities, available only to Investors, will provide you a wealth of innovative and effective ways to reach key decision makers in the community and to brand your company as a leader. Our team will work with you to help tailor a strategy for an annual campaign.

Connect. Engage. Inspire.

In today's global economy, businesses must be well prepared in order to successfully compete for market share. Becoming an Investor of The Beacon Council can help you achieve your objectives while providing opportunities to connect with key decision-makers.  Memberships range from $1,500 for a Small Business Level to $50,000+ for a Sustaining Level Member.

Click here for a detailed overview of our investment levels and benefits.