One Community One Goal

About OCOG

The purpose of One Community One Goal is to provide Miami-Dade County with a roadmap for its future economic development success.  It offers strategic recommendations aimed at creating an environment where significant job creation occurs with a focus on new higher-paying jobs in target industries.  It is a community-wide effort that provides a unified vision for long-term economic growth in Miami-Dade County.

Education has been identified as the foundation of One Community One Goal and is the key driver of the seven target industries. Read more about our target industries. 



The One Community One Goal Leadership Team reflects the public-private nature of this economic development initiative.

About Our Leaders

Academic Leaders Council

The One Community One Goal Academic Leaders Council, whose members have been recognized as being among the top educational leaders in the country, has been established through OCOG to create an educational ecosystem that aligns with the business needs in order to ensure workers availability and the required set of skills. OCOG supports the Academic Leaders Council and the implementation of key education recommendations.

The Beacon Council Foundation 

The Beacon Council Foundation is a 501(C) 3, is Florida not-for-profit organization and an affiliate of The Beacon Council, a 501(C) 6, created exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. For more information on the Beacon Council Foundation, click here.

The impact of One Community One Goal is far-reaching. A brighter community future can be established through the enhancement of our educational institutions and business environment. A community of talented young professionals and entrepreneurs who are vested in Miami-Dade County's future growth can emerge. Employment levels and better paying jobs can increase. And an environment of economic sustainability can be built through the diversification of our industries.

The sole member of the Foundation is The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Inc. Click here for the 2016-2017 board members. 

One Community One Goal Reports & Information


A collection of our sizzle and highlight videos can be found here.