Urban Initiatives

The Beacon Council’s Urban Initiatives program focuses on attracting new business investment to targeted urban Miami-Dade communities with economic development and new job creation opportunities. By identifying potential sites, assisting with incentive programs, employee sourcing and training programs and hosting small business workshops and roundtables, the Beacon Council focuses on job creating projects located in:

  • Targeted Urban Areas
  • Empowerment Zones
  • Brownfield Sites

The Beacon Council coordinates site selection tours throughout Miami-Dade County that showcase suitable parcels in these targeted areas for potential development and/or renovation.


Targeted Urban Areas

Designated economic development priority areas include the Targeted Urban Areas (TUA's).  The County identified seventeen neighborhoods, six commercial corridors, and three empowerment zones as TUA’s.  Provided below are maps with details on each area.  Tax incentives are offered such as the Enterprise Zone and the Urban Jobs Tax Credit programs with tax credits.

·      Map of All Targeted Urban Areas

Empowerment Zones

Designated economic development priority areas include the Empowerment Zones which are also designated by ordinance as Targeted Urban Areas (TUA’s). 

·      North Dade Empowerment Zone

·      Central Empowerment Zone

·      South Dade Empowerment Zone

Brownfield Sites

Brownfield sites are generally abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination.

Economic incentives, tax credits, low interest loans, and waiver of contamination assessment report review fees are some of the resources available to redevelopers who clean up and develop contaminated sites in brownfield areas in Miami-Dade County.

Businesses seeking funding to start a new business or expand an existing one within a brownfield area may be eligible for financial assistance. 

·      Map of Brownfield sites in Miami-Dade County


To learn more about local and state business incentives view our Business Incentives Summary.

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