Expanding Business Opportunities

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council Board of Directors adopted the Market-Grow-Shape strategy to fulfill its mission of increasing jobs and investment in Miami-Dade County. The Board started with its vision that Miami Is a World Class 21st Century Community.

As such, these three pillars offer bold strategies to accomplish the mission:

  1. Market Miami-Dade as a World-Class Business Location
  2. Grow Local Companies and Foster Entrepreneurs
  3. Shape Miami-Dade’s Economic Future

Under each strategy, the organization has committed to key objectives that are incorporated into the annual budget and work plans as well as key metrics to measure progress towards achieving the goals. The One Community One Goal initiative serves as the strategic plan and foundation for the Miami-Dade Beacon Council’s economic development mission.

Miami-Dade Sites

View maps to find land, commercial space, and data points in Miami-Dade county.

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