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Miami is young and diverse with almost as many career, housing, and lifestyle options as there are people.  A community of choice, vast numbers of the population have chosen Miami, from all over the country and the world,  to live a great life and pursue a rewarding career.

Whether they are attracted to the  welcoming environment, entrepreneurial opportunities, business friendly environment, multicultural flavor, ethnic diversity,  outdoor activities  or… something else, Miami welcomes newcomers to be part of growing this wide-open landscape. Don’t take our word for it…

Miami-Dade County is the community of the future. We are what other global communities will look and feel like in the next decade. We can contribute attribute much of our success in terms of economic development and growth to the strong partnerships we have with organizations like the Miami- Dade Beacon Council.”

“There was a nationwide search for a place to be our headquarters,” said Cesar Conde, Chairman of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and NBCUniversal International Group.  “We felt that Miami-Dade County and Miami was a unique place to grow our business for years and decades to come.”

“There is great potential for South Florida to become a life sciences cluster,” Brink’s Global Services Director of Life Sciences and HTDA (Health Technologies and Distribution Alliance) Chairman Leandro Moreira said. “In addition to warehousing, transportation capabilities and connectivity to countries where the demand for pharmaceutical products has been steadily increasing, South Florida houses credible and capable institutions such as the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center, where research and development of new therapies is part of their main mission.”

“Opening in a world-class city like Miami helps attract the kind of highly motivated employees who will allow us to grow our market share and maintain our leadership role in the third-party logistics business.”

“Miami is our gateway to the U.S.,” Evandro Gois, President & CEO of Expertness Business Consulting said.

“Miami is such a young, open and welcoming city. There are not the traditional boundaries to entry like other more established cities. It’s the perfect place for young, innovative companies to start, grow and succeed.”

“Anybody that lands here finds a welcoming place. We’re a land of immigrants, both international and domestic. Once folks land they can connect with interesting folks within two or three days and build something. They don’t have to pay their duels like they would in other markets and meet that one key person that’s going to open the door. Miami is incredibly open to the person that wants to move here and build something”.

“Our employees have a deep sense of civic responsibility and are very involved in Miami-Dade County. We consider ourselves very lucky to live and work in this South Florida paradise.”

“Despite tremendous competition from around the world to host our customer service center, Miami made the most strategic, financial sense, given our current operations, while providing the additional benefits of allowing Visa to keep these jobs in the U.S.”

“Once a month we get a call from a different state trying to sell us on their economics, but nothing can beat what we have here.”

“The business leaders here were very helpful. We talked about space and locations. They introduced us to local colleges and were great in getting us started.”

“There is an incredible sense of community here. Business people in Miami are happy to share resources and information.”

“The ports, the logistics, the buyers and the sellers, the communities are all here. If you look at all those components, you see the reasons we exist.”

“It’s not just tourists that will be flocking to Miami any more.  With the many private and public investments made to improve the entire logistics infrastructure and the Panamax effect, the region is poised to become a strategic pivot point for trade in Europe and Asia as well.”

“Regardless of whether you’re a passenger carrier or shipping goods, Miami is strategically positioned in providing the right services no matter what type of client you are.  From this one spot, you can be in any part of the world. From logistics, Miami is a key international cargo hub. If you’re setting up your logistics operations here, your reach will be very extensive.”

“The technology ecosystem in Miami has come a very long way in a very short time. A number of efforts, many supported directly by the Knight Foundation, have transformed Miami into a global destination for entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow companies.”

“Miami-Dade continues to shine internationally as a magnet for international start-ups and scale ups. Our community is catching up in terms of home grown talent and the support ecosystem is now building local capacity to support the high growth companies and opportunities that are choosing to make Miami home.”

“Our building is jam-packed with high paying, creative and technology jobs and it’s transforming the Coconut Grove area of Miami. When we started, Miami was only known for US Hispanic or Latin American marketing. Over the years, it’s proven to be a hell of an advantage.”

“It made sense to move to Miami. Having our headquarters here from a fundraising standpoint made us a different company and put us at a different status in the food chain.”

“The new identity of Miami with its mixture of business and leisure is a good change. It intrigues a lot of people and becomes a center of development for us.”

“I’ve been to many communities around the country, but I’ve never seen such a strong collaboration between academia and the business community.  Congratulations to your leaders for hitting on a unique and impactful idea that will make both commerce and the local population prosper in the future.”

“The most important asset we possess is almost thirty years of both operational and commercial import and export experience.  We are now making our knowledge and resources available to businesses from all over the world that are looking to expand their markets to the U.S. Another key asset is that we operate out of Miami. Being centrally located in the Western Hemisphere, this town serves as a perfect launching pad to all global markets.”

“When we were considering where to move our Latin American Headquarters, we were very impressed with the diversity, tax friendly atmosphere and the active life sciences community in Miami-Dade County. This was a positive move for our company and it will allow us to operate in a new environment that has easy access to all markets in Latin America.”

“We chose Miami to target the U.S. and Latin American markets and because we are planning to expand our logistical support to include working with the cruise industry.”

“Miami is a unique, embracing melting pot, making it a perfect home for Conergy — a company comprised of passionate people from all walks of life and corners of the globe.  Miami is also a convenient geographic hub to support Conergy’s growing presence in both the U.S. and emerging markets in Latin America.”

“As a business, we are always looking at economic options. We concluded that we are in the right location at the right time. We see the business climate in the Miami-Dade area getting even better and this location remains to be the perfect launching pad to other, more diverse markets throughout the Americas.”

“The relocation and expansion of KLX Inc.’s Aerospace Solutions Group (“ASG”) facilities highlights South Florida as one of the world’s fastest-growing logistics, trade and air transport hubs. Our new Miami headquarters will enhance our existing operations and assist with our ongoing recruiting efforts.  We will be located near the border of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, creating easy access to our region’s major thoroughfares and some of South Florida’s most desirable residential communities. This new facility will enable ASG to achieve its growth in a single headquarters facility.  We sincerely appreciate the financial commitments provided by the State of Florida, and Miami-Dade County to facilitate the development of our new operational headquarters.”

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