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Miami is our advantage. It’s no surprise that our dynamic metropolis is one of the top 20 cities shortlisted as a potential site for Amazon’s second headquarters (HQ2).

Amazon may be one of the largest companies to appreciate everything our business community has to offer, but our message goes beyond the race to HQ2. We’ve been answering “Why Miami?” successfully for businesses globally for a long time, with most answers aligning to one of the five ownable points of differentiation outlined below that come together to make Miami truly unique:

Innovation and Growth

Talent and Diversity

Business Solutions

Global Hub

Quality of Life

These Companies Made Miami Their Advantage

“Miami is a great place to do business. It’s a place that’s extremely attractive for new entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs to move companies into with access to talent. The market itself is strong here, but having your company in Miami allows you to both work in Latin America and the United States.”

“Cities like Miami demonstrate why building resilience is so important. By looking at all of these factors together, and coordinating the collective energy and resources of local stakeholders and nonprofit actors like The Rockefeller Foundation and 100RC, we can achieve sustainable change.”

“South Florida is home to a diverse and highly talented concentration of workers who prosper here while enjoying an outstanding quality of life. Companies can benefit by tapping in to this workforce — one of the best-kept secrets of our community.”

“Due to South Florida’s commitment to education and outstanding quality of life, Aerojet Rocketdyne has always easily hired and retained exceptionally talented employees from the local and national job markets.”

“Cultural diversity is one of Miami’s greatest strengths. This community is better equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century because of its multi-lingual, culturally adept workforce, and immigrant influenced mindset. My business success in Miami is directly tied to our talented, globally competent workforce.”

“I’ve been a resident of South Florida for many years, and I can tell you, unequivocally, that Miami is a unique place for both work and play. The vibrancy of our physical and cultural landscape is second to none.”

“South Florida offers companies an ideal business climate featuring no personal income tax and a business friendly environment with great opportunities for growth.”

“Ryder has committed to keeping Miami as its global headquarters. Miami is a thriving, cosmopolitan city that has all the elements for a growing company like Ryder – a multicultural and multilingual trained workforce, low tax structure, business friendly environment, and it’s a great place to live.”

“Regardless of whether you’re a passenger carrier or shipping goods, Miami is strategically positioned in providing the right services no matter what type of client you are.  From this one spot, you can be in any part of the world. From logistics, Miami is a key international cargo hub. If you’re setting up your logistics operations here, your reach will be very extensive.”

“Miami is such a young, open and welcoming city. There are not the traditional boundaries to entry like other more established cities. It’s the perfect place for young, innovative companies to start, grow and succeed.”

“There was a nationwide search for a place to be our headquarters. We felt that Miami-Dade County and Miami was a unique place to grow our business for years and decades to come.”

“Opening in a world-class city like Miami helps attract the kind of highly motivated employees who will allow us to grow our market share and maintain our leadership role in the third-party logistics business.”

“There is great potential for South Florida to become a life sciences cluster. In addition to warehousing, transportation capabilities and connectivity to countries where the demand for pharmaceutical products has been steadily increasing, South Florida houses credible and capable institutions such as the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center, where research and development of new therapies is part of their main mission.”

The News Media Gives Miami High Marks

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