Creative Design – Average Wages

Radio Networks$49,508
Radio Stations$91,045
Television Broadcasting$105,082
Cable and Other Subscription Programming$115,930
Architectural Services$74,232
Engineering Services$83,608
Interior Design Services$56,657
Industrial Design Services$55,335
Graphic Design Services$46,574
Other Specialized Design Services$45,047
Advertising Agencies$94,618
Public Relations Agencies$79,107
Media Buying Agencies$124,936
Media Representatives$103,824
Display Advertising$79,547
Direct Mail Advertising$27,427
Advertising Material Distribution Services$24,582
Other Services Related to Advertising$35,285
Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures$104,633
Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers$50,924
Overall Average$78,903