Introducing Central and South American fermented coffee made in Miami

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Maria Camacho 


(Miami, FL) – When the creators of gourmet coffee brand “Break The Cup” decided to produce a new line of coffee they knew it had to be different.  So, they produced a unique patent pending process, where their coffee beans are fully submerged in natural mineral hot spring water. As part of this natural process, the thermal water cleanses the coffee beans and enhances their best characteristics.

In the next three years Break The Cup expects to add 12 new direct jobs to their staff and invest $500,000 in new capital investment at their coffee roasting plant in the Miami Lakes area.

“Miami-Dade County was the perfect location for this new venture,” said Break The Cup’s General Director, Edgar Salgado.  “This is the gateway to the Americas, in a country of high volume coffee drinkers.  Additionally, it’s just a few hours away from the coffee farms our beans come from in Costa Rica, Columbia and Guatemala. Once customers have a chance to taste our product, they realize the significant difference between our coffee product and everything else.”

Salgado says his distinctive coffee flavor come from what he calls a “HOT SPRING TWIST.” This is the patented pending thermal process his company employs to ferment their coffee beans. Additionally, the beans are harvested by hand and processed only through strict environmental practices.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council assisted Break The Cup in meeting the permitting and regulatory rules involved in opening a coffee roasting operation in the County; finding and training the right employees; introducing company executives to business partners and contacts that will assist the growth of its business.