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One Community One Goal (OCOG) is the community-wide strategic planning initiative led by the Miami-Dade Beacon Council through its 501(C)3 organization the Beacon Council Economic Development Foudation. The Foundation is a Florida not for profit organizations and an affiliate of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, created exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

One Community One Goal’s mission is to provides a collaborative platform to promote long-term, sustainable economic development and prosperity in Miami-Dade County by driving innovation, leveraging strengths, providing clear thought leadership, and coalescing public and private priorities.


To advance the strength, vibrancy and stature of our global community, Miami’s business community, foundations and residents must continue to work together towards our vision of a long-term, sustainable economic future.

Your investment can help kickstart a new ventures program that connects community residents to pathways out of poverty.  This program will help build stronger communities in Miami-Dade by helping people own homes and start businesses.  From affordable financing to education, to neighborhood revitalization, this program offers the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life for people in need.

Your investment could also help bring small to medium-sized local businesses together with local, national and global companies for supply chain sourcing opportunities which will help generate accelerated growth for local businesses in Miami-Dade County.

Miami is fiercely competing with other world-class cities and OCOG has helped champion our community to become a global contender for the relocation and growth of businesses, culture, entrepreneurs and families.  Your support of OCOG will help transform Miami‐Dade County into a resilient business community that provides opportunity for economic prosperity for all.

To make a difference in our community and invest in OCOG, please contact:

Julio Piti

Vice President, Member Investor Relations & Development

Miami-Dade Beacon Council

305.579.1338 direct | 


Investment in OCOG has allowed for the successful implementation of key initiatives that are driving economic and entrepreneurial growth with more than 148,000 new jobs created over the past five years and thousands of volunteer hours logged from hundreds of companies, academic institutions, and community organizations.

Sponsors of OCOG Education and Workforce Development programming has allowed for the successful launch of the Talent Development Network, which is connecting emerging talent with businesses looking to grow their workforce, as well as initiatives to provide students with career pathways and opportunities for career growth.  These programs are helping ensure our students have real-world work experience and connections in our community and ensure that our businesses have a qualified pipeline of talent for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


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