Kaseya Looks to Strategic Community Partnerships to Develop Top Talent

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Last week’s blog ⁠— Kaseya Forges Strategic Partnerships for Career Opportunities and Community Engagement ⁠— showcased Kaseya’s best practices in partnering with universities for maintaining a robust talent pipeline while creating exciting career opportunities for young professionals. This week’s blog showcases Kaseya’s strategic partnerships with multiple community partners as they work collaboratively to develop top talent and foster Miami’s entrepreneurial tech ecosystem.

Relationships with Community Partners

Beyond fostering deep connections with local universities, Kaseya has also engaged in a variety of ways with a number of community partners committed to developing top talent for employers.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council has been an active partner with Kaseya over the last 18 months in support of Kaseya’s community engagement efforts. Michael A. Finney, President & CEO of The Miami-Dade Beacon Council, recently coined the term “the Kaseya effect,” highlighting Kaseya’s leadership role in attracting other companies to Miami and in promoting Miami as a preferred global business destination for technology companies and private equity firms. In mid-2018, Kaseya partnered with the Beacon Council and took the unique step of inviting over 30 community partners to its corporate offices to highlight its desire to be a leading corporate partner on vital, entrepreneurial and technology community-building initiatives. Christine Johnson, Vice President, Innovation, Economic Development at The Miami-Dade Beacon Council highlighted Kaseya’s community impact, stating “not only did Kaseya express its desire to take a leading role in shaping our growing tech community, it has taken action and superbly delivered on its promise to aid in the development of Miami’s tech ecosystem, for which our entire community is grateful!”

For example, Kaseya has been working for nearly 12 months with Year Up,  one of our community partners, whose mission is to close the opportunity divide by ensuring urban youth gain the skills, experience and support, which will, in turn, empower them to reach their potential. Kaseya HR leaders visited Year Up’s student cohorts multiple times, spoke to their students and alumni on career readiness, hosted a group for a corporate tour at Kaseya and served as a judge at Year Up’s student business plan competition. This direct involvement ultimately led to the recent hiring of two additional Account Management interns from Year Up.

Kaseya has also developed relationships with coding schools and academies in South Florida in order to tap into the talent graduating their respective programs. Discussions continue with the likes of Ironhack, LaunchCode, Wyncode, and 4Geeks to discover the best way to capitalize on a robust partnership.

Moreover, Kaseya has actively sought out community partners, who are actively building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami and beyond. For example, Kaseya has hosted youth entrepreneurship groups from Biznovator, a Miami-based organization, whose mission is to empower and enable youth entrepreneurship, social innovation and global leadership. Juan Casimiro, Founder & CEO of Biznovator, highlighted the uniqueness of Kaseya’s engagement by stating: “Kaseya has generously offered its facilities, tours, and executives’ time for the benefit of our camp participants, who get to see first-hand corporate social responsibility (CSR) in action.”

Kaseya is also seeking to deepen its relationship with several business incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. Most recently, one of Kaseya’s executives spoke to a joint gathering of leaders from Enterprise Florida and the Beacon Council about Miami as a preferred (tech) business destination at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), one of Miami’s foremost centers for supporting entrepreneurial business ventures.

In the future, Kaseya seeks to develop a formalized program with the CIC as well as other ventures such as LAB Miami, the Venture City, 500 Startups Miami and Endeavor Miami, whereby Kaseya managers and senior leaders will mentor and advise start-up companies to accelerate their development.

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, stated proudly “Kaseya recently received a $500M investment valuing our organization at over $1.75B, making Kaseya Miami’s first true tech unicorn. While we are excited about this acknowledgement of our IT Complete strategy, overall business success and growth trajectory, we are equally enthusiastic about collaborating with our community partners to boost Miami’s standing and recognition as a preferred business and investment destination.”

To learn more about how your organization can partner with Kaseya to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship please contact Ken Finneran directly at ken.finneran@kaseya.com.


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