Nationwide – HQ in STL, Offices in Miami, Kansas City, Portland, Seattle, and Tampa

Twitter: LaunchCode

Lacey Elmange


Length of the program:

Full time immersive CodeCamp 14 Weeks LC 101 CodeCamp typically 20 Weeks

What is the profile of your students / target market?

Demographics of students: 49% female, 45% people of color, 54% previously unemployed, 68% earned less than $30,000/yr previously We have successfully partnered with CareerSource South Florida and Employ Miami-Dade to offer free, job focused education to some of Miami’s most underserved communities.

What coding languages do you teach?

Immersive CodeCamp – Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, GitFlask, Java, C#, .Net Custom Curriculum rages based on needs of company partners – ex. Pega, COBOL, GIS, etc.

What type of skills do students need to have, if any?

Basic logical thinking, problem solving, and familiarity with computers are the only prerequisites.

Is there a cost for your program for students?

No cost to our students.

What is unique about your program compared to your peers?

Non-profit model used to provide economic mobility opportunities to our students and also fill junior talent needs of company partners.