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You may not have noticed but Miami has very quietly become one of the biggest technology & innovation hubs in the U.S. You probably already know that Miami-Fort Lauderdale area was recognized in 2017 by The Kauffman Foundation as the region with the #1 in startup activity in the nation.

The 2018 Economy

Much has been written about and panel discussions and presentations have been devoted to what lies ahead for the economy in 2018. Any predictions are rooted in what happened over the last few years and what changes can potentially be expected on local, national and international levels, including policies related to taxes, immigration and regulatory measures. Looking beyond one year is much more difficult, but there are data sets that allow for some forecasting and it can be illuminating to see what past data tells us about the future.

Treasury Identifies 3 International Tax Regulations as Potentially Burdensome

In Executive Order 13789 issued earlier this year, President Trump ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to review all “significant” tax regulations issued on or after January 1, 2016. The Treasury has examined 52 regulations and identified eight regulations that met the criteria of the president’s order and qualified as “significant” in view of the presidential priorities of tax regulation.

Education Matters, Data Shows It

The change in educational needs by employers is a national topic and one that is crucial for our community. From our conversations with business leaders in many of the industries in Miami-Dade County and from studies, it is clear that companies expect future employees to have post-secondary training, which includes certificates.

The Startup Culture

New innovative companies and their support networks continue to choose Miami. These businesses are attracted to Miami’s startup mentality and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape; access to large domestic and international markets; business-friendly climate; and financing availability from banks and nontraditional sources.

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