Miami-Dade Demonstrates its Resilience with Rapid Recovery

September 26, 2017


Miami-Dade County is open for business after experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Irma. While Miami-Dade County was spared catastrophic Category 4 winds, the area did sustain weather conditions from the “dirty side” of the storm that caused flooding, debris and utility outages from hurricane force wind damage.

t has been one week since Irma’s massive presence moved out of our area. The recovery from this storm has been faster than past storms and the damage has been less. Many experts have credited decades of new construction and developments under South Florida’s strict building code that allowed windows, roofs, and doors to withstand hurricane-force winds.

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The last time a major storm hit the Miami-Dade area was 2005, when Hurricane Wilma caused severe damage to the County’s electric and communications grids. During this 12 year hiatus, FPL, AT&T, Comcast and Miami-Dade County have spent millions fortifying their respective systems. Those investment have paid off.

“Miami is a resilient community in so many ways. This was my first hurricane experience and I have been amazed how quickly the community has recovered and gotten back to business,” said Miami-Dade Beacon Council President Mike Finney.

Finney noted the Miami Dade Beacon Council will offer a series of workshops with community partners to provide information about various programs (state and federal) available to assist businesses damaged during the storm.

The first webinar will take place this Wednesday, September 27th. All details can be found under Upcoming Events below. Upcoming workshops located throughout the County will be advertised as soon as the information regarding dates, time, location is available.

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