Miami the Natural Choice for Knovvmads

A Magazine About Redefining Possibilities in the 21st Century World of Libraries and Those Who Do.

Dynamic is one way to describe libraries in the United States. More than five million programs are in use throughout America’s libraries at any time on any given day. Navigating the world of the modern librarian requires several qualities: a wily imagination, broad knowledge base, an ability to adapt, to marshal ever changing tools and resources, to think quickly on one’s feet, the courage to take on new challenges, and a deep commitment to the communities they serve are but a few.

Modern librarians are the personification of Knovvmads.  Defined as driven creative collaborators with a talent for innovation and ingenuity in problem solving, Knovvmads are the life’s blood of libraries.

These unsung heroes daily assume the problems of the populations they serve. They assemble the tools necessary to overcome presenting hurdles, and energize citizens to use them.

Too often they manage the impossible. Where there are no existing implements to tackle a problem librarian Knovvmads create their own. There is not a day or moment that goes by without a library Knovmmad facilitating a triumph, great and small, for the fortunate guests they serve.

Knovvmads magazine is dedicated therefore to these titans of communal development and societal success, the Librarian, the personification of a Knovvmad in the twenty first century.

Lush with the brilliant work of acclaimed photojournalists and drawing from a rich network of award winning collaborators on seven continents, we spared no expense in heralding the grandeur of a new golden age of libraries and librarians. The result is a magazine as riveting to read as it is captivating to see, a festival of eye candy framing challenging and thought provoking ideas.

Stories are hewn from threads spanning the world of libraries. Pages are fueled by the personalities and trends that fan progress. Abundant stories of hope and imagination fill Knovvmads, as well as profiles of the mavericks expanding horizons redefining team work and exploring the bounds of creativity in the field of libraries.

Knovmmads is a magazine for everybody. Regular features include: Charming Libraries, is a showcase of architecturally significant or unusual library buildings and those in extraordinary settings. Librarians Recommend highlights the media recommendations of librarians across the country. In Library Book-Worm we interview artists from all disciplines regarding their relationship with the public library. And, Pairings pairs books with movies and music that augment and complement each other in unexpected and delightful ways.

Miami is Knovmmads’ American Headquarters

Two decades of revitalizing Spain’s, once flagging, library industry through distinctive audio visual and editorial media offerings and content management, in addition to a remarkably successful twenty-year track record of growth brought Infobibliotecas to the inevitable conclusion of expanding on our wildly popular service.

Natural evolution of our love for libraries drove the decision to continue their celebration in the United States.

Choosing Miami as the headquarters for Knovvmads in America had less to do with the ubiquity of Lamborghinis and supermodels than the fact Miami hosts the most important annual book fair on the planet, the Miami Book Fair, celebrating thirty-six years this November.

In observance of our launch Knovvmads held a gala in Coral Gables in December of 2019 as a means of introducing the magazine.

At the Gala, Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa was presented the keys to the city of Coral Gables. Vargas-Llosa, subject at the time of a tribute to the Nobel Prize in Literature of the current Infobibliotecas magazine (Knovvmads’ Spanish equivalent) then led a group chat about the future of libraries and literature over cocktails, with a star struck A-list of guest librarians from some of the largest library systems in the country.

The atmosphere was electric, galvanized with optimism. Imaginations soared vertiginously as spirits reached new heights. We’re not talking about Bacardi or Sangria. The talk pushed the boundaries of what a modern library can look like and do.

The exchange included representatives from one of the most prestigious think tanks of the Western Hemisphere, the International Foundation for Liberty, an illustrious delegation from the Spanish Consul in Miami, Don Candido Creis and the General Counsel for the powerful ICEX, Francisco Javier Garzón.

The event was regarded an overwhelming success; followed by an equally auspicious reception at the Convention of Public Library Associations in February of 2020, evidenced by the many happy faces, overbooked appointment calendars and business card swollen agendas.

Then, developments familiar to all put the world on hold in March. We made the difficult decision to shelve the actual publication, while we continued to pursue Knovvmads’ development, keeping close tabs on libraries and our team across the globe.

We are now happy to announce the launch of our maiden voyage with the first issue of Knovvmads public release in the Fall of 2020.

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