About One Community One Goal

The purpose of One Community One Goal (OCOG) is to provide Miami-Dade County with a roadmap for its economic, entrepreneurial and educational success.  It is a collaborative platform that promotes community-wide economic development and prosperity in Miami-Dade County, by driving innovation, leveraging strengths, providing clear thought leadership, and coalescing public and private priorities.

This community-wide initiative has achieved its five-year goals (2012 – 2017) of assisting our community with increasing higher paying jobs, enhancing our educational ecosystem and helping build a vibrant population of young professionals.

OCOG is continuing as an ongoing initiative. Its mission is to continue bringing a broad spectrum of Miami-Dade organizations together to advance the goal of a thriving, inclusive and diverse community.  The goal is to transform Miami-Dade County into a resilient business community that provides the opportunity for economic prosperity for all. OCOG will be:

  • increasing its focus on community engagement and inclusiveness,
  • amplifying efforts in the areas of innovation, education and entrepreneurship,
  • and driving community-wide priorities and resiliency. 

Community Speaks! Community Acts!

The Beacon Council Foundation re-launched One Community One Goal to provide Miami-Dade County with a roadmap for its future economic development success. Through focus groups, surveys and thousads of hours of community engagement throughout Miami-Dade, a professional research firm prepared a set of reports and developed strategic recommendations to create an environment conducive to significant job creation focused on new higher-paying jobs in target industries.

Education was identified as the priority for One Community One Goal and is the key driver of the growth of the seven target industries. The industries were selected for having the highest potential for creating the new jobs with higher than average salaries that are needed to support our economy. Industry leaders work closely with the education community to develop the proper curriculum for training required to support the growth of those industries.

Click on the following links to view the One Community One Goal Reports:


The Miami-Dade Beacon Council serves as the secretariat for the One Community One Goal (OCOG) initiative. Its role is to oversee the community-wide initiative which is a program of the Beacon Council Foundation (501C3). This includes communicating, collaborating and partnering with organizations to achieve OCOG’s goals. The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is also responsible for the implementation of the OCOG economic development recommendations.

The Beacon Council Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (a 501(C) 3,) d/b/a The Beacon Council Foundation (the “Foundation”), formally known as The Economic Research Foundation, Inc is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization created on August 6, 1986 in the state of Florida to implement a county-wide strategic plan for economic development.  It is an affiliate of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, a 501(C) 6.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is the sole member of the Foundation and has oversight and control over the Foundation’s fiscal and programmatic activities. The Beacon Council Foundation is lead by Board Members:

Ms. Penny Shaffer, Ph.D., Chair
Market President, South Florida
Florida Blue

Nelson Lazo, Immediate Past Chair

Mr. Hugo Castro, Chair-Elect
Divisional Executive Vice President
AXA Advisors

Walter Robinson, Treasurer
Robinson Commercial Real Estate

Elizabeth Dvorak, Secretary✦

Mr. Michael A. Finney
President & Chief Executive Officer


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