Miami-Dade County Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

Through the issuance of Tax Exempt Industrial Development
Revenue Bonds, the Miami-Dade County Industrial Development
Authority provides below-market interest rate financing
for fixed asset projects. For qualified borrowers, loans
ranging from $2 million to $10 million for terms up to 20
years can be made available at interest rates approximating
75% of the prevailing New York prime rate. Eligible projects
can include manufacturing, assembly, printing and food
processing, and others in which raw material is converted
or combined with other raw material to produce a finished
or semi-finished product. Eligible costs can include the
purchase of land, construction of new buildings and purchase
and installation of new equipment. The purchase and
rehabilitation of an existing facility may also qualify. Since
authorizing its first industrial development revenue bond
issue, the authority has issued in excess of $814 million in
bonds for local projects