Scale Up Miami

Miami is a community of entrepreneurs who appreciate new ideas. Miami continues to draw professionals and business people with a creative spirit and unbridled ambition looking to make a name for themselves. Today as our local technology industry continues to boom, we are known nationwide as a leader in startups with the #1 ranking from the Kauffman Foundation. We are focused on capitalizing on this asset and taking it to the next level.

The Connect & Grow Initiative was established to help transform startups into scale-ups. Two ways to do that are 1) connecting the dots of robust resources that foster the growth of the ecosystem, and 2) facilitating the building of a vital community network that supports companies at all growth stages.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council plays a key role in leading that change. Through our Innovation Plan, a Connect & Grow initiative, the Miami-Dade Beacon Council acts as a catalyst and bridge to innovation for established businesses, and industries, to innovators with scalable companies. These connections will serve to provide both entities with opportunities to support their continued economic health and growth as our employers of today and tomorrow.


Ambition and Entrepreneurship are in our DNA

What makes Miami such a dynamic, energetic community? What is that spark that drives innovation? Miami has been described as a Start Up Culture in large part because of its youth, diversity, pioneering spirit and immigrant culture. The pioneering roots and immigrant ambition helps explain Miami’s emergence as a global innovation hub with more startup activity than any other US community in 2017. Miami’s innovators, like their predecessors, are hungry to create something new, something special and unique. Miami is a community of entrepreneurs who have found the ideal place to make their mark.


Established Companies with Innovators Through Programming

  • Innovation Showcases:
    Events that highlight innovations and applied research from anchor/educational institutions.
  • Feed the Pipeline:
    Extend Miami-Dade Beacon Council’s suite of services to support existing entrepreneur-focused organizations and educational platforms.

Investment Networks with the Corporate Sector and High-Growth Companies

  • Corporate Innovation Initiative:
    Serves to build bridges between MDBCs network of corporations to support the growth and expansion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Access to Capital:
    In partnership with state organizations and investor networks, identify avenues to introduce entrepreneurs to available funding pools (i.e. Venture Capital, Angel, Federal and State dollars).


Culture of Collaboration

  • Miami Innovation Working Group:
    Partner and collaborate with existing incubators, accelerators, co-work spaces, professional development organizations and impactful meetup groups to support the retention and expansion of Miami-Dade County’s high-growth, scalable startups.

Miami As an Innovation Destination

  • Innovation Districts:
    Identify and market unrecognized clusters primed for “Innovation District” branding.

Catalogue of Case Studies

  • Develop a white paper of local best practices and roadmaps on Corporate Innovation in partnership with Miami-centric leadership organizations.

Miami-Dade Sites

View maps to find land, commercial space, and data points in Miami-Dade county.

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