Women-led BodyK Proves Concierge, On-site COVID-19 Testing Is the Preference for South Florida

Miami, Florida – BodyK is providing peace of mind to members of the community by leading the charge with on-site COVID-19 testing in Miami-Dade County. Offering a variety of tests related to the coronavirus pandemic, BodyK’s test results have shorter lead times and are performed wherever the need may be, such as a private home, residential building, corporation, or school. Tests offered include the COVID-19 PCR Nasal Swab test, the Rapid COVID-19 Antibody test, and the DBS COVID-19 Quantitative Antibody test.

Launched in 2019 as a concierge wellness company by Miami local Mari Martinez, BodyK quickly switched gears to meet the testing demand presented by the pandemic. Today, the company´s success is due to their tailored “We Come To You” service and their 36-72 hour turnaround time, as well as customized testing strategies provided for large-scale clients.

“BodyK’s leadership quickly understood that it needed to find a solution to the long delay in results our community was experiencing during this crisis,” explained Sylvia Franco, Co-Founder of BodyK. “It has been our goal to create the quality of service we would want for our loved ones during this heightened time of fear and distress.”

BodyK’s unique service offers a personalized experience from start to finish. On testing day, BodyK’s medical technicians conveniently and professionally set up a testing site at the client’s desired location, such as a home, office, or school. Results are guaranteed in less than 30 minutes for Antibody tests and within a 36-72 hour timeframe for COVID-19, roughly 5 days less than most competitors. Pricing begins at only $85 per family member and varies per test, offering special pricing for large scale needs starting at $35 per employee for repeated testing. BodyK services are available in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

As a local company with an obligation to its community, BodyK is working closely with the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Miami-Dade’s official economic development partner, to solidify its pledge to South Florida.

“BodyK is a great example of a women-led company that quickly pivoted during these times from focusing on holistic medicine and wellness to rapid COVID-19 testing. Their unique model offers rapid-testing results for both antibodies and diagnostic tests in a local environment of your choice, allowing businesses more direct control of the impact on their workforce and environment,” said Michael A. Finney, President & CEO, Miami-Dade Beacon Council. “For Miami-Dade County, having more testing readily available can help mitigate the spread of the virus and support the recovery efforts in our community.”

“Our commitment to our community is to continue to provide the newest and most innovative testing, in a convenient and simple manner, while offering the best prices with an uncompromised service. That is the BodyK method,” added Mari Martinez, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of BodyK.

Starting this week, BodyK is expanding its offerings portfolio to include new and innovative tests for its clients. This women-owned and women-led team has set a deep-rooted footprint into the health and wellness industry with their goals focused on rapid expansion to different markets throughout the United States.

For more information about COVID-19 or Antibody Testing please call 1-833-MY-BODYK or visit www.bodyk.net. To keep up with daily news and updates, please follow BodyK on Instragram.

About BodyK:

BodyK launched in 2019 after more than a decade of research by CEO and Founder, Mari Martínez. A personal health crisis led her to a transformative way of living. She realized she wanted to replicate the success she had in her healing process, and thus created BodyK as a way to provide others with the technology, products and tools that would heal them from the inside out.

BodyK’s executive team, made up entirely of women, is engaged in providing health education and awareness by offering the first step to a better life. Our management has an inclusive mentality and the belief that everyone has the right to access state-of-the-art technology and premium products, along with the opportunity to enjoy a healthier more fulfilling life using accessible and affordable tools. 

BodyK Tests:

The COVID-19 PCR Test of nasopharyngeal swab samples detects the viral RNA, which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease are present. This test identifies the virus very early on. PCR tests look for pieces of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Rapid COVID Antibody Test is FDA Authorized and suitable for the detection of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) N-Protein IgM and IgG antibodies, which are obtained through finger-prick samples. Results are ready in less than an hour. This test has an accuracy level of 95%.

DBS COVID-19 Antibody Test is the first FDA Emergency Authorized Test on dried blood spot to test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies. This test indicates recent or prior infection to COVID19 with a Positive Percentage Agreement of 98.11% and a Negative Percentage Agreement of 98.6%.