4Geeks Academy

Downtown Miami

Website: https://www.4geeksacademy.co/the-program/

Twitter: 4GeeksAcademy

Marcelo Ricigliano



Length of the program:
16 weeks

What is the profile of your students / target market?

Normally our applicants have the following background: (i) IT jobs or education; (ii) Marketing or graphic design background; (iii) People with no formal education but a lot of experience in the basics of coding, and with a current job that they want to change/improve.

What coding languages do you teach?

JavaScript, ReactJS, Flux, Python, Django, MongoDB.

Computational Thinking and Coding with Block Programming.

What type of skills do students need to have, if any?

Everyone with the passion and commitment is welcome to apply. We deliver a pre-work platform, before the program begins, in order to level up our students into the basics of Coding. No previous experience is mandatory.

Is there a cost for your program for students?

Yes. $6k. There are financial assistance options.

What is unique about  your program compared to your peers?

We are a part-time program. We only teach Coding in a part-time methodology, based on a Flipped Classroom plus a Mastery learning approach (MIT papers supporting this method). Our graduates get an education similar to a full-time education but without quitting their jobs.

Anything else that you would like to share?

By the numbers:

  • 300+ graduates
  • 5 Locations across the US and South America
  • 89% of job placement
  • Licensed by the Florida Department of Education