French Logistics Company Opens First U.S. Office in Miami Beach, Invests $300,000

November 10, 2016

(Miami, FL) November 10, 2016 – French logistics company Synchroteam, known for its mobile management solutions in Europe, has opened its first satellite office in the U.S. in Miami Beach.  The company plans on spending $300,000 in new capital investments in Miami-Dade County. 

Synchroteam opened its doors in France in 2010 and has become a leading cloud-based field service management solution in Europe. The company has developed programs aimed at managing mobile employees such as technicians, inspectors, service-oriented employees and investigators. Synchroteam delivers real-time complete, intuitive and affordable solutions than can be utilized through Android and iOS systems. 

“Our mobile management system is all about efficiency. We show companies how to get the most out of their mobile work force,” said Synchroteam President & CEO Oliver Hatuel. “Our system is flexible and allows mobile employees to be productive no matter where in the world they are doing business.”

As the Synchroteam entered the Miami-Dade market, the Miami-Dade Beacon Council assisted the company with Research and Marketing analysis of the mobile logistics market; linked them with new business contacts and assisted in making local referrals.
“Miami’s strategic location, unsurpassed air, sea and data connections, and skilled multicultural workforce are among the reasons the trade and logistics industry continues to grow,” said Interim President & CEO Sheldon Anderson.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council first met with representatives of Synchroteam in mid-2014 during an economic development mission to France. Part of their business plan was to grow and expand operations out of France, and Miami-Dade County was the perfect solution to establish on office that would serve as a gateway for the entire Western Hemisphere. 

As part of its expansion, Synchroteam plans to add four new employees onto their staff within three years, at an average salary of $60,000 per year.

“Geographically, Miami-Dade County was a perfect solution for us,” said Hatuel. “Its location and multicultural nature allows us to expand very easily into multiple major markets that are virtually very close.”

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