Locations: Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo




Alex Williams


Length of the program:

We offer 2 types of programs: Web Development and UX/UI Design. Both programs have 9 week full-time and 6 month part-time options, and come with career placements support.

*Full-time programs are M-F, 9:00AM-6:00PM. 6 month part-time programs have the same curriculum as the full-time program, but are stretched out over 6 months. The part-time schedule is either Mon/ Wed or Tue/Thu from 6:30PM-9:30PM AND Saturdays from 10:00AM-5:00PM.

What is the profile of your students / target market?

Our target market is folks who have already been attempting to learn either web development or UX/UI design and want to accelerate the learning process to either change careers, boost their career options, or be an entrepreneur. The most important thing is that we look for is for folks who have already been attempting to learn on their own prior to Ironhack, have a lot of passion for their chosen track, and are independent, self-motivated individuals.

What coding languages do you teach?

Core curriculum is JavaScript using MERN stack (Node.js, Express.js, React, and MongoDB) as well as UX/UI Design using Sketch, Marvel, InVision, and Flinto.

What type of skills do students need to have, if any?

The main skill is a passion & drive for learning either Web Development or UX/UI Design. A professional work history and college degree helps but is not a requirement to enroll and be accepted into this program. After going through the Admissions Manager, each prospective students is administered either a Technical Challenge for Web Dev prospective students (to test logic and problem solving abilities) or a Design Challenge for UX/UI prospective students (to assess their sense of design and current abilities). In order to be accepted into the program, said prospective students must pass this challenge personally administered by one of our Teaching Assistants (They are given a second chance if they fail the first time. If they fail the second time, they are not admitted). Additionally, if a prospective student is seeking placement services from Ironhack (looking for a job after graduation), Admissions may schedule an additional Career Assessment with our Placements Manager if it is deemed necessary. Once the Placements Manager gives the green light to Admissions, the student be admitted into the program.

Is there a cost for your program for students?

Yes – we have multiple financing partners to provide students with options to finance their tuition.

*We do provide an automatic scholarship of 10% off tuition for all women who enroll in our full-time web development course  as we are huge supporters of women in technology. Additionally, we provide an automatic scholarship of 10% off tuition for active and retired US military.

What is unique about  your program compared to your peers?

  • We have an international presence with locations in several continents
  • We offer continued placement assistance with all actively-seeking alumni until they have been hired in a technical role
  • We offer a hiring fair after each graduating class where we arrange for actively hiring companies come to Ironhack within a 1-2 day span and provide the students with a head-start with their career search. (Average number of companies at Hiring Fair are 20-30 companies)
  • We have a dedicated product team that constantly are updating curriculum in both Web Dev and UX/UI Design each class iteration to keep up to date with market demands

Anything else that you would like to share?

We’re a top 3 ranked bootcamp globally – check us out on CourseReport and SwitchUp to see what our students are saying about Ironhack’s program! If you want to come check out our campus, Apply Online for an upcoming bootcamp and schedule a tour with our Admissions Manager, Alex.