High Level Talking Points: Why Miami

Miami-Dade County Snapshot

Miami is THE global community of the future. It’s a vibrant, youthful, culturally diverse region embracing newcomers with new ideas from all over the world.

  1. 2.7 Million+ Population / 1.3 Million + (Miami-Dade County) and 6.2 Million+ Population / 3.1 Million + Workforce (South Florida/TriCounty Region)
  2. With a Gross Regional Product $344 Billion+, South Florida’s economy would rank as the 39th largest economy in the world if it were a country.
  3. 4th Fastest Growing Large U.S. City (Wallethub 2020)
  4. Top 25 Major American Cities of the Future (fDI Magazine 2020)
  5. 1st in Foreign Born population – 2nd in Foreign Born population with Advanced Degree

Miami offers a Business-Friendly, Welcoming Environment.

  1. No State or Local Personal Income Tax
  2. Low Corporate Income Tax
  3. Positive business climate and supportive regulatory environment
  4. Miami ranks 6th for US Small Business Activity (Kauffman Foundation 2019)

Miami is not only cultivating top-level talent at home, this diverse innovative community is a magnet for world-class talent across industries.

  1. 375,000 college students at four R1- and R2-ranked research universities, award-winning colleges and training programs
  2. 800,000 elementary/secondary students in region at award-winning K-12 schools, including nationally ranked programs.
    1. 4 Miami-Dade High Schools among U.S. top 100 (U.S. News & World Report 2020)
      • #4 School for Advanced Studies (All five campuses)
      • #52 Young Women’s Preparatory Academy
      • #72 Design & Architecture Senior High School (DASH)
      • #94 Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy

Miami is an open landscape built for innovation that has become a technology destination.

  1. #1 for U.S. Startup Activity (Kauffman Foundation 2020)
  2. #1 City for Women Entrepreneurs (Small Business Trends, Sept. 2019)
  3. #2 for Tech Job Creation in the U.S. (Florida, EMSI & Dice)
  4. Diverse startup ecosystem attracts entrepreneurs, accelerators, funders globally
  5. Areas of strength for MiamiTech: AI, AR, Blockchain, FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech and Cybersecurity (EMSI 2020; MDBC Annual Report)
  6. 100+ organizations driving Innovation Ecosystem: incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, entrepreneurial education, and professional development programs.

Miami is a Global Business Hub – Miamians are “Global from Go”

  1. 1,300 Multinational Businesses thrive in the region (U.S. Census, ACS 2019)
  2. 2nd largest International Banking Center in the country after NYC (5,200+ banking & finance firms, 223 HQs & 29 Foreign Banks in Miami-Dade)
  3. 3rd Largest Concentration of Consular Corps and Foreign Trade Offices (100+ combined offices/consulates)
  4. One of only 2 certified Pharmahubs in the world (1st was Brussels Airport)
  5. MIA is #1 in international freight and 3rd largest volume of international passengers in the country. South Florida boasts access to 3 International Airports.

The Miami MSA is Connected To Each Other and the World Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

  1. Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas Provides High Speed Connectivity
  2. Global City of the Future for Connectivity (Only U.S. City included in fDI Magazine’s 2019 rankings)
  3. Tri-Rail and Brightline commuter trains connect the region often in an hour or less
  4. Metrorail connects Miami-Dade residents to downtown Miami and Miami International Airport, with the free Metromover creating a connected loop throughout downtown’s business district and cultural institutions including the PAMM and Frost Science
  5. Commute times compare favorably to competitors including Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, and New York

Miami Offers a Warm Welcoming Lifestyle for Families, Singles and Couples

  1. Unbeatable weather with 250+ sunny days & 76° temperature
  2. 100+ museums and cultural institutions
  3. World-class dining and entertainment including year-round recreation and festivals (Art Basel, SoBe Wine & Food, Miami Book Fair, Miami Film Festival)
  4. Lower cost of living compared to competitors including New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago
  5. Known to be a tolerant, open-minded, diverse community

ASSORTED TOP RANKINGS: “WE’RE #1!” (No, seriously, we ARE!) #1 Rankings Miami’s pretty proud of:

  • City to do Business in Latin America (America Economia)
  • Happiest Place to Work in U.S. (Forbes)
  • City for Small Business Growth (Kauffman Foundation 2019)
  • City for Startup Activity (Kauffman Foundation, 2020 – 3rd year in a row)
  • Cruise Port in the World (PortMiami)
  • Most Transit-Accessible U.S. Airport (Mobility Score)
  • S. Airport for International Freight: Miami International Airport
  • Foreign-Born Population (among Large U.S. Metros)
  • City for Women Entrepreneurs (Small Business Trends, 2019; examples listed above)
  • FL County: Healthy Lifestyle Choices (Livability.com)

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