Wyncode Academy

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale



Cristina Hermida

Length of the program:

10 Weeks

What is the profile of your students / target market?

Anyone (18 and older) looking to transform the direction of their career, and with some basic understanding of technology.

What coding languages do you teach?

Ruby, rails, javascript, reactjs, html, css and more.

What type of skills do students need to have, if any?

They need to have good analytical skills and be very detailed oriented.

Is there a cost for your program for students?

Yes. Financial assistance is available.

What is unique about  your program compared to your peers?

We help our students become outstanding web developers and business savvy professionals. We also guide them on how to land the best job opportunities in market and we offer many different financing options.

Anything else that you would like to share?

We are very supportive of veterans, offering the opportunity to pay with GI Bill funds, this education could be free of cost to any veteran. We also believe in closing the gap in women in tech and have offered a $1 Million dollar scholarship to help fund spots for future female developers.