Just Fearless Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to Go Global

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Spero Canton


(Miami, Florida)- What better way to empower women than by creating a business that creates more successful women entrepreneurs?

Founder and Managing Director Kisha Mays opened Just Fearless to change the lives of women and their families by providing a resource to expand their business.  By using their global marketing knowledge and resources, Mays and her team have developed a system that will show women how to expand their businesses into other countries.

“We have created programing and partnerships to assist women in building global businesses fast with low overhead,” said Mays. “The good part about having additional worldwide income streams is that they run around the clock because it’s always “daytime” somewhere!  No matter where YOU are, someone, somewhere is working away. So, even while you’re asleep, a sale can be made.”

Just Fearless plans to add 13 new direct jobs and make $100,000 in new capital investments to its Miami-Dade County operations during the next 3 years.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council assisted Just Fearless in determining its target market, helping with research and marketing analysis, providing training resources as well as local business contact and referrals.

“When you understand the potential impact “Just Fearless” can have by expanding a minority-owned small business that might’ve had a modest beginning on a kitchen table into the world of global commerce it’s staggering,” said Michael Finney, President & CEO of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council. “The irony here is that helping Just Fearless succeed, we are also assisting other local small businesses in their growth by allowing them to expand their market reach.”

Mays and her leadership team can be contacted at Just Fearless by going to www.justfearless.com