Pillars of the Community

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is fortunate to have a cadre of “Past Chairs” — volunteer leaders who understand the importance of economic development and dedicate time, talent and treasure to support the organization’s mission.

Since its founding in 1985 by Sid Levin, Ted Hoepner and Merrett Stierheim, this public-private partnership has built a consensus that our community is stronger and more resilient when we coordinate our diverse interests into planned action to address our current and future needs.

2020-2021 Gary Goldfarb
2019-2020 Hugo Castro
2018-2019 Penny Shaffer, PhD
2017-2018 Nelson Lazo
2016-2017 Jaret Davis
2015-2016 Ernie Diaz
2014-2015 Donna Abood
2013-2014 Sheldon Anderson
2012-2013 Joe Pallot
2011-2012 Alan Becker (In Memoriam – 1946-2020)
2010-2011 Jack Lowell
2009-2010 Alexandra Villoch
2008-2009 Tere Blanca
2007-2008 Pete Pizarro
2006-2007 Angel Medina Jr.
2005-2006 Neisen Kasdin
2004-2005 Benjamin J. Mollere
2003-2004 Calixto Garcia-Velez
2002-2003 Robin Reiter-Faragalli
2001-2002 Tom Cornish
2000-2001 Mario del Valle
1999-2000 Fred Messing
1998-1999 George Foyo
1997-1998 Adolfo Henriques
1996-1997 Carol Wyllie
1995-1996 Robert Beatty
1994-1995 Carlos Palomares
1993-1994 Williams Myers
1992-1993 Modesto Maidique Ph.D.
1991-1992 Burton Landy
1990-1991 Governor Jeb Bush
1989-1990 Phil de Montmollin
1988-1989 Robert Epling
1987-1988 Merrett R. Stierheim
1986-1987 David R. Parker
1985-1986 Sidney Levin (In Memoriam – 1935-2019)
1985-1986 Theodore Hoepner

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