Translation Provider Opens Miami Office

February 1, 2016

Expertness Business Consulting, a Brazil-based company that provides language translation services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Italian, is developing the U.S. market by opening an office in Downtown Miami. 

The company, which assists global business executives with languages and cultural references, selected Miami for this location because of the community’s multilingual and multicultural environment. 

“Miami is our gateway to the U.S.,” Evandro Gois, President & CEO of Expertness Business Consulting said.

The Beacon Council worked closely with company leaders to identify potential office space including co-working spaces and other less traditional sites, and worked with Career Source South Florida to help find local talent. In addition, The Beacon Council provided demographic and wage analysis data for hiring employees at appropriate levels. 

“Expertness Business Consulting recognizes that Miami’s multilingual reach extends far beyond Spanish”, The Beacon Council President & CEO Larry K. Williams said. “With more than 50% of our population being foreign born and 106 languages represented in our school system, Miami is a mecca for foreign language expertise.”  

Gois said the company is prospecting business using the WorldCity Database. WorldCity is a Miami-based media and event company that produces the Who’s Here Database of 1,400 multinationals in the Greater Miami area.

Source: Old Beacon Site