The First Steps in Creating a Business

We offer guidance, tools and resources on the basics of starting a business. From legal considerations to immigration requirements, learn the necessary steps to set up your business in Miami-Dade County. To operate in Miami-Dade County, your company may have to register and file reports with certain government agencies. Follow the 7 basic steps described in the chart below to start a new business based in Miami-Dade:

Business Plans

A business plan articulates what a business is, where it is going and how an entrepreneur wants to take it there. A business plan will likely include a summary, a company description, a marketing plan, an operations plan, and management and organization information. A business plan is critical – without a business plan, a business may fail. Most banks require a business plan prior to lending.

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Follow the seven steps described in the chart below to start a new business based in Miami-Dade:

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