A Hot-Spot for International Companies

Miami’s unique global status offers international companies easy access to domestic and foreign markets, a multi lingual and cultural workforce and a welcoming multinational community. Over 1,100 multinationals call Miami home. 72% of the county’s population speak a language other than English at home.

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council regularly hosts foreign delegations, participates in international business development missions and recruits international businesses to locate in Miami-Dade County. Each year, more than half of the Council’s recruited and expanded companies are foreign companies.

Learn more about Miami-Dade’s many advantages for foreign direct investment.

Dedicated International Economic Development Team

The Council’s volunteer International Advisory Committee works closely with an experienced international professional team to help develop an international recruitment strategy for foreign companies interested in doing business in Miami and/or establishing its global platform in Miami.

Companies investing in Miami-Dade County primarily come from:

United Kingdom

Visa Requirements

Welcome Incoming Delegations

The Miami-Dade Council hosts receptions, seminars and networking events for delegations from key international locations to welcome international business and government leaders to Miami. Members of the local business community and government officials work together to help visiting delegations understand the many advantages of locating a business in Miami-Dade.

International Trade Missions

Several times a year, Miami-Dade County conducts business development missions to target countries to meet with leading business organizations, participate in industry events and identify businesses interesting in expanding in Miami-Dade. Spain is the #1 country for foreign direct investment into Miami and the country visited most often. Other countries include Brazil, France, China among others.

Miami based Consular & Trade Offices

Miami boasts the third largest consular corps in the country (after Washington DC and New York) to assist international businesses establish in the local community.

Global Company Testimonials

“Since we opened the subsidiary in 1997, Houston has been an incredible place for our operations in the USA, and our business in the city as well as in Texas will continue to grow strongly in the coming years,” Eduardo Cosentino, executive vice president of global sales for Cosentino Group and CEO of Cosentino North America, said in a March 30 press release. “However, it is clear that in order to sustain our growth and achieve greater efficiency, we need our corporate headquarters to be located in a global city, from where we can centralize management for the American continent. Without a doubt, this move will help us in our objective of expanding even more in the USA over the coming years, consolidating our leadership and being able to meet the demands of this competitive market.” “Miami’s location offers key strategic advantages to continue targeting the Americas,” Eduardo Cosentino said. “The entrepreneurial and innovative workforce in Miami better positions us to provide new products and designs that are both sustainable and advanced.”

-Eduardo Cosentino; Executive VP of Global Sales

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