We Shed Light on Permitting and Regulation

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council routinely facilitates meetings and communication between companies and the governmental permitting and regulatory agencies. A member of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council’s Economic Development team will be assigned to serve as the single point of contact to expedite the regulatory process as much as possible.

Building and Permitting Requirements/Costs

Per Miami-Dade County Ordinance, No. 99-140 Section 8-6, companies may be eligible for expedited permitting. The ordinance establishes procedures for processing of permit applications; established deadlines, provides penalties for non-compliance; defines duties to be performed in plan review and processing; and establishes administrative order for implementation.

As related to commercial industrial development, the following applies:

All permits for construction of occupancies other than Group I occupancy under the South Florida Building Code shall be approved or rejected within the time frames set forth below:

  • Building Department – 24 days
  • Zoning review, Department of Planning and Zoning – 3 days
  • Department of Environmental Resources Management – 8 days
  • Planning Review, Department of Planning and Zoning – 2 days
  • Department of Public Works – 4 days
  • Fire Department – 9 days
  • Water and Sewer Department – 5 days

The time limitations set forth above are stated in working days, and shall commence to run from the first complete day following delivery by the permit applicant of a completed submittal to the reviewing department. By exception, the Building Department shall be responsible for routing permit applications to the Department of Planning and Zoning for zoning review and to the Department of Environmental Resources Management. The above time limitations shall not apply in the event that the reviewing department determines that the permit application requires a zoning or Environmental Quality Control Board hearing.

The full context of the legislative ordinance can be found at the following link. Miami Dade County uses a formula based on capital investment to determine permitting costs.

Partial or Phased Construction Permits

Miami-Dade County can and at times does issue partial or phased construction permits as requested by developers. For example, the County will issue a permit for the foundation only, which at times is a substantial benefit to the developer. The County considers approvals across all “phases” of development, and issues such approvals and/or permits separately. Sample permitting/approval phases would include:

1) Comprehensive Development Master Plan amendment
2) Zoning approval
3) Land subdivision/plat approval
4) Infrastructure (site and general area) approval
5) Construction Permitting approval
6) Inspections approval
7) Certificate of Occupancy and/or Use

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