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Miami-Dade County has a diverse, multilingual, and multicultural population. More than half of Miami-Dade’s residents were born outside the U.S. Spanish, English and Creole are the most common languages spoken, along with French and Portuguese. From our schools to our startups to our corporate boardrooms, we’re one of the most diverse cities in America, and that shapes our talent pipeline, too.

We’re diverse and international like no other American city; more than half our population was born outside the United States. Newcomers are an essential part of Miami. They come for many reasons, but they stay for opportunity — for an open landscape they can help shape and call their own.

Age Distribution (2017)

Sex (2017)


Ethnicity Distribution (2017)

Race Distribution (2017)

Language Spoken at Home for the Population 5 Years and Over


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

Language Spoken at Home for the Population 5 Years and Over

Most cities will look like ours a few decades from now. We’re encountering and solving the challenges every city will face, from climate change to international business, years before the rest of the country. The trends that begin here later become the norm in other parts of the country. The diverse nature of our community gives the rest of the country a glimpse at want the US will look like in 20 years. This diversity makes Miami a magnet for international businesses and creates a vibrant spirit for commerce.

Advantage Miami, 2017

This essence of openness is what drives us. It’s the reason we were ranked #1 in startup activity in the U.S. by Kauffman Foundation. It’s how we’ve simultaneously built a global reputation as a vibrant getaway and a great place for business. It’s how we’ve created the most functionally and experientially diverse city in the world, where cultural collision is not merely acknowledged but is celebrated.

Miami: City of the Future author T.D. Allman wrote: “It is the most fascinating city in America right now…Miami has a strength of character, a gritty resourcefulness and ability to rebound from the worst kinds of crises, which is one of the city’s most attractive qualities. It’s the combination of both grit and glitter that makes Miami both irresistible and important to the rest of America.”


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