New Restaurant in Perrine Focuses on Caribbean fusion cuisine

(Perrine, FL) It’s a name not many will forget. Perrine’s Island Monkey Marketplace and Café is not only a restaurant but also is a family dream that has become a reality.

The restaurant plans to add 7 new employees to their operation and make $100,000 of new capital investments as they plan to expand to 7 locations in the next 3 years.

Here you can not only get a Cuban Pork Sandwich and Monkey Brown Stew, which is actually traditional Caribbean brown stew sans monkey but curried goat, braised oxtails, and Brajan roasted chicken.

“We seem to have filled a culinary niche in our area by offering a unique menu of dishes that are not easily available and for some may be considered uncommon, said Island Monkey Marketplace and Café CEO, Rosalind Malcolm.   “We use ingredients and spices from the island, whenever possible, and attempt to create exceptional tasting food with a Caribbean flair. So far that approach has been a recipe for success.”

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council assisted owners with the selection of their first location in Perrine; educated them about financing options; made them aware of labor and training resources; provided food and beverage marketing research and provided local business referrals.

The restaurant is located at 10686 SW 186th Lane in Cutler Bay.