Identify new opportunities for business growth in Miami-Dade

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council has embarked on an initiative to help local businesses of all sizes benefit by working together. It’s a simple concept which can have powerful results. Miami-Dade businesses identify needed goods and services then work together with other local companies for supply chain sourcing. Through targeted introductions and match making, companies can meet new suppliers and customers right in their own backyard.

Miami-Dade Beacon Council B2B Initiative


Expand the pool of procurement opportunities and elevate the capacity of our local small to medium sized businesses; generating accelerated growth for local businesses in Miami-Dade County.


The B2B Miami-Dade County initiative is a service focused on bringing small to medium-sized local businesses together with local, national and global companies for supply chain sourcing opportunities. The quality and delivery will meet or exceed standards. The commitment to LOCAL will be elevated.


A pilot Business2Business initiative will be launched in 2018. The pilot will involve three to four corporate partners and a small pool of previously suppliers. Key learnings will be incorporated into a full program launch.

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