Clean Water is Just a Woosh Smart Station Away

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Maria Camacho 

Woosh Smart Water Stations are beginning to pop up all over Miami. The owner conceived the need to provide clean water when he was walking with his thirsty child with no water and no way to fill up his bottle. Next came the Woosh, self-contained Smart Water Station, with a patented water treatment system inside. The stations are able to sanitize a plastic bottle then dispense chilled, pure water. Each of Woosh’s stations is serviced regularly by trained technicians.

In the next three years, the Israeli company will create 11 new local jobs and spend $8 million in new capital investment as the number of stations in Miami begin to grow.

South Florida is the ideal market for this type of concept,” said Woosh Water’s Founder and CFO Itay Tayas-Zamir. Miami is the natural location to grow this concept. There is demand for more water in a warm, tropical climate and this option not only sanitizes your container but then delivers cool, clean water at a very low price.”

The stations are all connected to city water mains. The water enters the station then runs it through a patented a water treatment process and is chilled.  An automated system continually monitors the station’s activity to keep water at the highest quality. The water in the system never stays still and is spun every 10 minutes to help ensure freshness. The bottle rinsing process comprised of two stages; first sanitized, enriched water washes the bottle, then fresh water wash cools the bottle.

The Miami Dade Beacon Council assisted Woosh Water by finding the location for the company’s Miami operations; researching the sales potential for its product in Miami; helping Woosh Water find the right employees for job availabilities and providing introductions to other local businesses it can use as resources.