Miami-Dade’s Tech Talent Pool is Widening…You Just Have to Look in Different Places

Author: LaunchCode

The tech industry continues to face a significant challenge as the quantity of open jobs outpaces the number of applicants available to fill them. Miami-Dade’s tech ecosystem is extremely promising — there is a focus on innovation, startup growth and cultivation of junior talent. However, the region is not immune to the skills gap affecting many American ecosystems.

While college degrees are often seen as an indicator of a city’s talent pool, it’s not an accurate depiction of the robust talent pool here in Miami-Dade. And it most certainly shouldn’t determine if Miami lands opportunities like Amazon HQ2.

There is an untapped contingent of talented, motivated individuals who can do the job, but because they lack traditional resume credentials, can’t get the job. Thankfully, there are organizations working to change that. LaunchCode, a national nonprofit that focuses on opening doors to individuals experiencing barriers to tech careers, has already helped over 700 community members gain tech skills in South Florida.

Half of their students do not possess a college degree and a quarter were unemployed before enrollment. And it’s not just about gaining the skills. LaunchCode advocates on behalf of students, working to place them into upwardly-mobile apprenticeships and jobs with company partners like Watsco, Mastercard, CareCloud, and more.

These companies know first hand the value that LaunchCoders add to their team. They know that an applicant’s competence, drive and willingness to learn should be prioritized over a computer science degree or one to two years of work experience. Innovative solutions are the answer to ensuring important, high-demand jobs are being filled with motivated, qualified individuals. And by focusing on cultivating junior talent, Miami-Dade’s tech tech talent pool will widen, resulting in a more qualified workforce.

LaunchCode is now enrolling candidates for LC101, a free, part-time computer science and web development class. To learn more or to apply, visit

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